Marselisborg, supplying employment services and consulting primarily to the to the municipalities, had just been acquired by the Danish PE-fund, Dansk Generationsskifte, and was therefore looking to acquire companies in the same or related businesses. Schroder Translink knows the owner of Hartmanns and knew that the company – besides being one of the largest players in temporary help in Denmark – had an activity in employment services. The fit between the two companies turned out to be very good, and Marselisborg acquired Hartmanns employment activities in a relatively fast process. Translink advised the buyer

Nymetal A/S

Nymetal A/S is a group consisting of both a foundry and a machine factory doing metal processing. Both companies are more than 100 years old and have for many years been owned by the Hendriksen family foundation. There is a good fit between the companies, since many of the items from the foundry need to be finished in the machine factory, which also has its own customers. Approx. 55 employees in the two companies. After having interest from both German, Swedish and Danish buyers, the companies were sold to a smaller Danish company in the pump business, Merser Pumps, with activities in in some of the same industries as the foundry. Translink advised the seller

Vitral A/S

Vitral A/S develops, manufactures and markets roof-light windows in Europe. Focus is especially on the Scandinavian and on the UK markets, where Vitral has a subsidiary. All production is taken care of by Vitral’s subsidiary in Lithuania. The company was sold to Velux, the large Danish manufacturer of roof lights, who is active in the consolidation of this industry. Despite several international potential buyers, Velux had the largest synergies in acquiring Vitral.

Scanwill Fluid Power ApS

Scanwill Fluid Power develops, manufacture and sells hydraulic components and systems to more than 50 countries all over the world. The buyer Addtech is a Swedish listed conglomerate with similar and related activities, whereby the match between the Buyer and Seller is very good. The transaction included the sister company Will Tech ApS. Translink advised the Sellers.

Medican A/S

Medican A/S develops and manufactures cannabis for medical use. A large part of the shares was sold from one of the founders to a private investor. Translink advised the seller.

A-Consult A/S

A-Consult A/S, which advises pharmaceutical companies on regulatory conditions, quality assurance and product safety, sold to AlfaNordic A/S. AlfaNordic A/S is a consultancy with more than 80 employees working in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is specialized in pharmaceutical production, project management, validation, production support, IT/Automation, QA/QC and medical devices etc. Translink advised the seller.

Ramboll Group

Putz & Partner, a medium sized German company in the consulting and engineering sector, was sold to Ramboll Group, a leading engineering, design and consultancy company. Ramboll employs more than 13,000 experts globally, but was looking for a stronger foothold in Germany. Translink’s Danish and German office advised the buyer.

Vallentin Elektronik A/S

Vallentin Elektronik, distributes a number of active and passive electro mechanical components for the Danish industry. Addtech is a Swedish listed conglomerate with similar activities on the Danish market. Translink advised the Sellers.

Four Design A/S

Four Design manufacturers design furniture for offices, waiting rooms, conferences and teaching environments. Translink advised the Sellers, who had retired from the daily activities in the company. The buyer was Ocee International Ltd., a successful British manufacturer of products complementing Four Designs products.


B+A manufacturers mixers for cement and has a large export through a net of distributors. The majority of the shares were sold to a private investor and a financial investor. Translink advised the sellers of the company.

R&T Stainless A/S

R&T Stainless is a very profitable company manufacturing components and equipment for playgrounds all over Europe. The company was owned by a father and a son, and in connection with a generational change new private investors bought a majority of the company. Translink assisted the owners with the sale of the company.

Rebel Penguin A/S

Rebel Penguin is an online marketing company with a large number of customer websites within sports and casino gambling. The company generates customers for large betting, casino and sport websites (affiliate marketing). The company was partly sold to private investors. Translink advised the Seller. ApS, which is a market leading private label manufacturer within women’s fashion textile industry in Europe with their own sourcing facility in China, was partly sold to Industri Udvikling. Industri Udvikling is a Danish private equity company that invests in small and medium-sized Danish manufacturing companies. Translink advised the Seller.

eSec A/S

eSec A/S is sold to Dubex A/S. eSec provides IT managed security solutions for medium sized and larger enterprises and supplement Dubex’s solutions within IT security. Translink Corporate Finance acted as advisor to the seller.

Atlas Incinerators A/S

Atlas Incinerators A/S, a manufacturer of plants that burn waste oil (incinerators) for use in ships and power plants, has been sold to Gertsen & Olufsen A/S. Gertsen & olufsen A/S was earlier in 2014 acquired by the private equity fund, Erhvervsinvest A/S. Translink Corporate Finance acted as advisor to the seller.